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Virtual Live Production Platform

Where Live Production Comes Together With The Virtual World

Platform can be adapted to use with all types of virtual events - webinars, meetings, hybrid events, awards ceremonies, fund raisers

 Workstations with a technician at each throughout the whole event

Green Room available to prepare panelists, guest speakers, talent and host

Platform backgrounds are customizable with any digital graphic

Workstations for a smooth production and redundancy if needed

Dedicated streaming device that can be used with any streaming service

Platform can accommodate all types of inputs giving the ability to create a dynamic virtual event

All types of sponsor content can be displayed at any time throughout the event to provide maximum exposure   

Ability to changes, add inputs, add content quickly

FXAV will provide links via email for panelists, guest speakers and hosts

FXAV will provide pre event support - working with clients and putting together show set, test calls with callers, advise callers for quality audio and video

As a part of the production, FXAV staff available to make test calls to panelists, guest speakers days before event

Virtual Equipment Packages are available to send out to callers to provide high quality video and audio feeds

FXAV Can Bring Your Virtual Meetings

To The NEXT Level

Call or email to find out more

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